Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finding Happiness In Everyday Life

I admit this isn't the usual type of book I talk about, nobody is maimed, murdered, or even bruised. Then again, it's not a thriller, but it is worth talking about. Jo Ann Hurst whose inspirational debut book, Looking For The Good, A Journey To Finding Happiness In Everyday Life, has visited today to share with us how this book came about.

“Looking For The Good” began as a silly amusement just to pass time and has since evolved into a lifestyle. A much better lifestyle than the one I had before. Originally, it was a blog that I was writing, pretty much, for myself to keep focused on the positive things in life. I believe very strongly that what we focus our attention on is what gets bigger in our mind and, ultimately, in our life. I've been keeping a journal since the mid-80s and when I look back at those journals and read what I wrote then, it makes perfect sense why I had such a miserable life! All I ever wrote about was what was wrong or bad in my life and how terrible things were. There was rarely anything mentioned about good things that were happening. Were things really that bad or was I just not paying attention?

Writing “Looking For The Good” has been like training wheels in the way it has helped me to change the way I perceived life. It is my hope that reading about my experiences in looking for the good stuff in life will help others to shift their focus to what's good and happy in their lives as well. Happiness and joy is all around us if we'll just open our eyes and see it.

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