Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: She Felt No Pain by Lou Allin

She Felt No Pain
by Lou Allin
RendezVous Crime (2010)

In the sequel to, And On The Surface Die, Canadian author Lou Allin takes us on a suspenseful journey into the heart of Vancouver Island’s tourist district at the height of summer with the mysterious death of a homeless man. To RCMP Corporal Holly Martin, the man’s death appears to be from an apparent drug overdose. But there’s things that don’t add up, like the wad of cash in his pocket. As Martin begins to put the pieces together, she is simultaneously searching for answers to a more personal mystery: the disappearance of her mother years earlier.

The back drop of the west coast’s natural beauty, “Canada’s Caribbean”, is rich in detail and stark in contrast to its underbelly of homeless drug users Martin is sifting through in her investigation. I found the story does get somewhat bogged down with too much background information on the community and meanders away from the drama a bit. But otherwise, She Felt No Pain, is a captivating whodunit, superbly written with an intense ending that mystery lovers will thoroughly savour.

To find out more about Lou Allin, visit her at: http://www.louallin.com/

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