Friday, June 17, 2011

Frank Duffy's Review of No One To Hear You Scream

Talented horror writer Frank Duffy, author of Mountains Of Smoke and forthcoming, The Signal Block, has reviewed my book, No One To Hear You Scream. I'm ecstatic to share his review here. He actually threatens me with bodily harm, which is kind of a motivational technique I'm thinking. Although, I'm having some disturbing visions of Stephen King's Misery. I think I might need to get a bigger dog.

Julia Madeleine’s second crime novel, No One To Hear You Scream, is a genre book with wit, style, and all the ingredients that make classic crime stories so damn addictive when done right. It’s a vicious ride, populated with characters that don’t merely stay with you, but pound your senses into a rhythm very much Julia Madeleine’s choosing. The pace is enormously accomplished, and the voices in which she writes, strike up a hardboiled, modern crime rapport of astounding intensity.

The book is a brutal, but necessary experience, without it the story would feel unauthentic, and this story shoots straight, straighter than most would dare. Rory Madden is a stand-out bad guy, cut from the cloth of many a classic villain, but the tailoring is all Julia Madeleine’s, svelte and smooth and effortless characterization that will have you thinking, “I hope to God this guy isn’t based on anybody she knows.”

But as much as Julia doesn’t pull her punches, she is equally adept at layering her story with sharp and insightful characters, with a storyline that grips so tightly you find it hard to believe this is only her second novel. If you like crime, even if you don’t like crime, make sure you buy this incendiary and explosive novel. It’s a gem. I will wait patiently for Julia Madeleine’s next novel, but I can’t promise I won’t hold a gun to her head to hurry up the process.

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  1. And that's a pretty decent summing up of a cracking book.