Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Knowledge Of Good And Evil

Today is the official release day of Glenn Kleier's much anticipated second thriller, The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. Judging from the great reviews it's already receiving on places like Goodreads, and a mesmerizing book trailer, this book looks like it's going to be one thrilling ride.

I'm very pleased to have Glenn drop by for an interview today to talk about his new release...

Tell us what your book is about.

KNOWLEDGE is about a defrocked priest who embarks on a perilous odyssey through this world and the next, seeking answers to life’s Ultimate Questions. And he learns far more than he bargained for.

Your debut novel The Last Day was released in 1997. Why so long between these two books?

Not exactly prolific, am I? I actually started this book (along with two companion novels) shortly after The Last Day, and was well into one when a family situation arose. It required a good deal of attention and pushed the writing aside for an extended period. I finally got back into things about six years ago, focusing on The Knowledge of Good & Evil. It took me that long to complete it.

There’s a prominent religious theme that runs through both of your novels. What inspires you to write about this?

Religion seems to be at the heart of global strife. People of different faiths (and sometimes the very same) tearing at each other the world over. Even in our own backyard--the mosque at ground zero; fundamentalists picketing military funerals; attacks on planned parenthood centers. On and on. Used to be novelists took on thorny social issues, and I still think there's a place for that.

Among other issues, Knowledge explores the subject of the "afterlife." How did you approach this?

If you ask people where their mental images of the afterlife come from (assuming they have any), most point to the bible. Truth is, while heaven and hell are cited often in the bible, neither Old nor New Testament offers much in the way of description or details. And yet many people have rich and cherished beliefs about heaven, and fierce dread about hell. They might be surprised to learn where those beliefs spring from: primitive myths and folklore; pagan religions; pseudo-scripture; medieval superstitions; the literature of Dante, Marlowe and Milton; the paintings of Bruegel, DorĂ© and Hieronymus Bosch—to mention just a few. I spent years researching all these aspects. My intent with the novel was to give a little historical context to the subjects of heaven and hell, draw some correlations, and offer a different perspective on this much-misunderstood topic. And then push things a bit further!

What’s next for you?

The Knowledge of Good & Evil is the middle book in a planned trilogy, so I’ve got my future pretty well mapped out. The prequel is ready for final draft, and the sequel is past chapter synopsis stage, about 25% drafted. That should keep me out of trouble for a bit.


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