Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mountains Of Smoke By Frank Duffy

Mountains Of Smoke (e-book) by Frank Duffy
Sideshow Press (April, 2011)

Frank Duffy’s novella, Mountains Of Smoke, is the story of a fiction writer and his wife who buy an ancient gothic castle called Rock Hill that sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking a river. The couple, along with their young son, move into Rock Hill and for years everything is wonderful. But then one winter a tragic death. To cope with his sorrow and loneliness he immerses himself in his writing but not the usual drama type writing, his stories have taken on a decidedly darker tone and morphed into horror as he slowly slips over the edge, into the depths of crazy town. Something is now living down in the river and in order for his books to be successful, it requires feeding, and it’s appetite is most foul.

This is a disturbing and macabre story reminiscent of Stephen King that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The atmosphere is dark and truly creepy with the pervasive sense of dread and suspense through out. Frank Duffy’s writing is poetic, evocative and rich in detail. Prose that will make you want to read and re-read them. Like this one: "...and a drowned memory comes finally dragging itself up the sand, the bank, through the marsh and weeds, and stares up at me, the face like a pebble, round and hard and unyielding."

Be on the look out for Frank Duffy’s collection of short stories titled The Signal Block, coming out this fall. I’ve read it and it’s brilliant. Highly recommended.

5 out of 5 stars

Mountains Of Smoke is available from Sideshow Press

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