Friday, September 16, 2011

Q & A With Dani Amore

Tell us about DEAD WOOD…

Dead Wood is a story about a violent murder in Grosse Pointe – the exclusively wealthy community that sits right on the border of Detroit. It’s also about a man who made a horrible, horrible mistake and is now seeking both the truth and redemption. Along the way, he crosses paths with an ex-con on a violent rampage, an enigmatic music star doing damage control, and a mysterious hired killer with links to his own, unfortunate past.

So this is not a follow up to DEATH BY SARCASM?

No, DEATH BY SARCASM features Los Angeles private investigator Mary Cooper. She’s a good detective and an even better smart ass. She will be appearing shortly in a sequel I’m tentatively calling MURDER WITH SARCASTIC INTENT.

So why publish DEAD WOOD before the sequel to DEATH BY SARCASM?

The short answer is that I wrote DEAD WOOD almost simultaneously with DEATH BY SARCASM. But DEAD WOOD was with a friend of mine who was reviewing it for pre-publication blurbs. In the meantime, SARCASM was ready to go. I launched SARCASM, and immediately started working on the sequel. In the meantime, DEAD WOOD came back with some great blurbs, and it was ready to go.

So you have two different series going on?

Yes. And they are very different. The SARCASM/Mary Cooper novels are a bit darker and a little edgier. DEAD WOOD is a bit more traditional. I think they each reflect their physical environment. SARCASM is very much L.A., while DEAD WOOD is very Grosse Pointe.

There’s been a lot of debate about eBook pricing. Why did you settle on 99 cents?

There has been a lot of debate, hasn’t there? And it’s been pretty heated! I’m not gonna lie, it was a tough one for me. I think $2.99 is a very fair price for a novel. However, the marketplace is interesting right now. Ultimately, I chose 99 cents because I hope to earn a wide readership for each series. And it’s going well – readers of the first two books are demanding the sequel to each. Which is extremely flattering.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Have you ever heard of pin shooting? I go to my gun range on nights when they have pin shooting contests. Basically, they set up bowling pins on little stands and you have ten seconds to clear your table. I have a high-capacity Para-Ordnance .45. You blast away, and then if there are little pieces, you shoot them off, too. It’s great fun. I win quite often.

What are you reading right now?

A kick-ass novel called THE DEVIL’S MUSIC.

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“Dead Wood is a fast-paced, unpredictable mystery with an engaging narrator and a rich cast of original supporting characters.” –Thomas Perry, Edgar-winning author of The Butcher’s Boy.

“From its opening lines, Dani Amore and her private eye novel DEAD WOOD recall early James Ellroy: a fresh attitude and voice and the heady rush of boundless yearning and ambition. Amore delivers a vivid evocation of time and place in a way that few authors achieve, nailing the essence of her chosen corner of high-tone Michigan. She also deftly dodges the pitfalls that make so much contemporary private detective fiction a mixed bag and nostalgia-freighted misfire. Amores’ detective has family; he’s steady. He’s not another burned-out, booze-hound hanging on teeth and toenails to the world and smugly wallowing in his own ennui. This is the first new private eye novel in a long time that just swept me along for the ride. Amore is definitely one to watch.” — Edgar-nominated author Craig McDonald

Dani Amore’s writing reminds me of the great thriller writers -- lean, mean, no nonsense prose that gets straight to the point and keeps you turning those pages.” --author Robert Gregory Browne

"As gritty as the Detroit streets where it's set, DEAD WOOD grabs you early on and doesn't let go. As fine a a debut as you'll come across this year, maybe any year." --author Tom Schreck


  1. It's pretty awesome that you're shooting shit in your free time, Dani. That's straight up Hemingway's toolbox. I'd trust the novels of a firearms wielding woman.

  2. Thanks, Ben! And thanks Julia for hosting me. I've always loved guns and target practice. I find it more relaxing than yoga...;)

  3. Good interview, thank you. I especially liked the part about pricing.