Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interview With Darren Sant

Trestle Press author, Darren Sant, stopped by today to share with us all the cool stuff he's got going on. And it's a lot...

You've got a number of ebooks out now with Trestle Press. Tell the nice people what your series, Tales From The Longcroft Estate, is all about.

They are stories set in a fiction housing estate. They are stories of people who are going through dark times. Tales of loan sharks, drug addicts, gangsters and of everyday people struggling to make ends meet and the challenges they face. These stories are not about the black and white but about the shades of grey in between.

Although the stories are dark and often featuring criminal acts I also include an element of humour where I can. Every bit of darkness must eventually turn to light right?

In truth Tales from the Longcroft Estate as a concept is growing and changing with each story. It’s my aim to develop the setting with each story and to see familiar characters return again or at least get a passing mention. My latest Longcroft story Temple and the Cross is just about finished I am editing it before submission to Trestle Press.

To find out more about Tales from the Longcroft Estate follow: @Longcroft_tales on twitter. Here is a link to the first two stories:

A Good Day

Community Spirit

Then there's Flashes Of Revenge. What's the premise?

Flashes of Revenge is actually a collection of six short stories. They are all flash fiction so don’t expect any lengthy rambling prose. These are short punchy tales told in relatively few words. The beauty of flash fiction is that you tell a complete tale quickly and not a single word is wasted. Each tale is like a hard right to the jaw, written for maximum effort. A collection that will make you sit up and pay attention.

All the stories are, as the title suggests, centred on the broad theme of revenge. Some tales are darker than others and again I use humour where appropriate to give the reader something more than just darkness.

You've also just done a collaboration with horror writer Sam Lang called, Severed. What's this story about, and how was it working on this with Sam?

Severed is actually an opener for a series that we are both working on. It’s essentially an apocalyptic zombie tale. I’ve not written in the genre before so it’s a challenging project. However, as a writing partner Sam is hard working, prolific, supportive and inspirational. It’s fair to say we got on well and complimented each other. I am a big fan of Sam’s Reprisal serial that Trestle Press is currently running and would urge your readers to check it out.

We don’t yet know where the series will take us but we are currently working on ideas for the second part of this series.

So why do write such dark and disturbing stuff Darren? Does your mother know you what you're up to?

I’m interested in human nature and what motivates people. Quite frankly the darker side is so much more interesting as a subject matter for fiction. As for my Mother she knows I have always been a deep thinker and would probably rather I get these ideas out than let them fester inside my warped mind!

Where is this place Hull I hear that you're from? And what do you do there where you're not making up stories?

Hull is in the North East of England. It’s a port town that used to have a thriving fishing industry that is no more. The people here are friendly and down to earth. I’ve lived here just over ten years and grown to love the place. It is home.

Well I work full time and I’m passionate about music so I can often be found attending gigs for local bands. I am married to Julie and have two step sons and two cats. Life is pretty busy.

I understand you write poetry. Is it gory stuff too or does it have a different theme?

I don’t write poetry much these days. Some folk are glad about that! When I do pen a poem it is usually political or ecological in nature. As someone once said I write poetry with a social conscience.

What else can we look forward to from Darren Sant? Any novel length projects in the works?

I have a story coming up in Luca Veste’s Off The Record Anthology that is going to be raising some money for charity. This is a collection of stories inspired by classic songs. My story is called Karma Police and was inspired by the Radiohead song of the same name. This is a science fiction tale, which isn’t my usual style, but it suited the story nicely. Luca’s excellent blog has interviews with a number of the Off The Record contributors and can be found here:

I also have a story in Paul D. Brazill’s Brit Grit 2 called Dope On A Rope. This is one of my more playful efforts and it came out as a funny one despite having violent deeds going on throughout. Paul’s excellent blog will feature updates on this anthology and can is found here:

I don’t have anything of novel length in the works yet. However, as the latest Longcroft tale is twice the length of the others and more involved it’s clear to me that the more I write the more I am stretching myself. Time will tell on that novel.

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