Monday, October 24, 2011

Laughing At The Death Grin review

Pulp Metal Magazine’s Laughing At The Death Grin is a delicious compilation of some of today’s most talented crime/thriller writers. In this ebook collection of 13 noir and horror short stories, we meet a medley of unsavory characters that partake in some dark and dastardly deeds, leaving you feeling satiated and yet strangely wanting more...

The Argument Bunny by Ian Ayris is a quirky and heart wrenching tale about a desperate man’s break with reality.

Melanie Brown takes you on a curious ride in The Wild Beast, that’s a tasty combination of suspense, humour and erotica.

Meet Fredrick Cireman, a washed-up music composer and “hopeless drunk” whose life comes to a sad ending in, U.V. Ray’s, esoteric tale, The Solidarity Of The Damned. A completely compelling read.

Danny Hogan’s A Gun Called Comeuppance, is a gritty violent story about a gun toting hard-as-nails woman who’s after revenge in a post apocalyptic era.

Scars is a creepy horror story by the talented Jodi MacArthur about a woman tricked by a sinister creature out in the cornfield who puts a blindfold on her and a scythe in her hands.

If you like your noir gritty, B.R. Stateham brings it in Tough Way To Order Carry-Out, where an unusual death in a restaurant’s kitchen has the police following a hunch to find a killer.

In Chris Rhatigan’s dark and nasty little flash piece, It Wasn’t Slim Ricky, a P.I. is trying to drown the truth in a bottle of whiskey about what really happened to the murdered man he’s been hired to investigate.

Paul D. Brazill delivers a fun little anecdote liberally spiced with his fabulous brand of humour in, The Big Hurt, as a safecracker who, in a chance meeting, acquires a new assistant after his old one comes to a rather unfortunate end.

The Kennels by Richard Godwin is a chilling and satisfying account of a boy and his dog and a new step-mother who has a penchant for sticking hat pins where they don’t belong.

A young woman has the misfortune of getting arrested for solicitation in the bleak, but fabulous story, Circumstances by Charlie Coleman.

Greener by Heath Lowrance is a riveting story about warring lawn care companies. It even has the added appeal of an angry dwarf to give it that fascinating little element that takes it over the top.

Michael A. Gonzales has created an atmospheric story in Boogie Town Inferno, about growing up in the Bronx housing projects in the 70s. A grim story, brilliantly written, with some unexpected twists that stays with you long after its ending.

Cycle by Frank Duffy is a dense and chilling tale that grabs you unexpectedly by the throat. Guaranteed to put a layer of ice across your morning coffee.

Excellent anthology. Grab it for a mere $0.99 on Amazon


  1. No hope in the world, I can ever keep up with the volume of anthologies going out there. This one looks very fine. I just download and pray for time.

  2. Thanks so much for your review of Scars, Julia. Very nice of you to take the time to not only read, but review all the stories in the antho. Muchly appreciated. x