Friday, November 18, 2011

The Making Of Love Letters From The Insane

Fiction writers are like vampires in a way. We suck the stories, experiences, histories, etc. from our friends, relatives, and even strangers, and feed it like raw meat to the beast with an insatiable appetite for words dwelling inside of us. A little while ago one such exploit of a friend of mine triggered a story. My writing beast flayed, dismembered and feasted upon it like a stranded plane crash victim in the Alps gone mad and cannibalizing his mates. The result is a creepy short story called Love Letters From The Insane that appears in volume one of the new noir anthology, Dark Pages, by Trestle Press. It's one of twelve short stories by some amazing international authors of noir.

The main character in Love Letters From The Insane is based on my good friend Dan Lauzon, whom my husband and I have known for many years. Last summer he was visiting from Montreal, as he often does, and a group of us went out for dinner and some drinking. Danny started talking about something that happened to him years ago when he got a job changing the locks inside of the Brockville Psychiatric Hospital. There were 3000 locks inside of this place (if you can image a place big enough to have that many locks) and due to the master key going missing, they all needed replaced. The job would take three weeks to complete and, being that he was from out of town, Danny had to stay in a motel. The idea of the master key in a psych hospital going missing was something I found fascinating. Then, having to change three thousand locks because of it, was even more so. But what put this story over the top for me, was the fact that one of the patients, a woman, at the hospital escaped and came looking for Danny. What happened when she found him is quite unbelievable, but entirely true.

Now because this is ficiton, I added a decidedly creepy twist. That type of story deserves a creepy little twist. So what ends up ultimatley happening to the main character in this story (the guy Danny is based on) is from my twisted imagination. But other facts remain the same, including the history of one particular patient, a pedophile aptly named Peter Woodcock.

Dark Pages is available on Amazon. It contains twelve deliciously wretched crime stories by twelve fantastic authors from around the world. And it will satisfy your beast of an appetite for noir.

Check out my friend Danny's Facebook page for his original metal band Entropy. You can hear his stuff on Youtube. Unlike the character in my story, he's still able to play the guitar.


  1. So scary,fictions are interesting to me. Imaginations can boost intellectual in stories.