Monday, December 26, 2011

Between These Pages, These Places by Frank Duffy

Whenever I start reading a Frank Duffy story, I can barely pull myself away. I let the dinner burn, the dogs whine to be let out, my own writing wait—so powerful is the lure of the arrangement of Duffy’s words on the page. You get sucked down into this beautifully dark, intimate, almost salacious vortex that seems other worldly, and yet strangely familiar. And it’s completely hypnotic.

So while my husband mops up the dog pee, I serve the burnt (it’s Cajun blackened!) chicken, and try to put into words for my family how amazing this guy’s writing is that I’m reading. They listen and nod, chewing their over cooked chicken. We enjoy lingering at the dinner table engaged in conversation, but I’m anticipating it being over so I can get back to reading Frank Duffy. As long as Frank is writing, I will be reading every word, every short story, novella, and full length work. I wish all the stories by other authors I read could be this damn good.

Get a copy of Between These Pages, These Places on Amazon kindle. If you like Koontz and King, I know you'll love Duffy. And when you've finished reading it, read Duffy's novella Mountains Of Smoke. It's simply brilliant.

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