Sunday, December 25, 2011

Review of Richard Godwin's Getting High On Daisy

In the fifth installment of Paul D. Brazill’s fantastic Drunk On The Moon series, Richard Godwin, has created a dark and delicious tale about Roman Dalton, the werewolf PI in only a way that Godwin can—brimming with sex and violence. Getting High On Daisy is classic Godwin at his finest. The character of Daisy is introduced in this story, a beautiful woman with a whip who dabbles in BDSM. Roman seems to have a primal sexual addiction to her as well as a psychic connection.

Daisy also suffers the same affliction as Roman and together they make a tantalizing team. Except that she’s missing. And Roman, after waking from the usual moon-lit hangover, not knowing where he’s been or what’s happened, can’t remember where she is or even who she is. All he knows is that he’s got to find her, and save her as it turns out, from a horrible fate. Getting High On Daisy is an aphrodisiacal fusion of erotica and noir, lewd and brilliantly written. It will leave you hungry more.

But wait, there is more Godwin to be had, check out his new crime novel, Apostle Rising.

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