Saturday, January 21, 2012

British Noir, Tattoos, & Julie Morrigan

Julie Morrigan in a relatively new kid in town who's quickly making a name for herself in the crime fiction genre. I'm so impressed with Julie's writing I'd even call her the Queen of British Noir. Her writing is like being kissed by a freight train, it just bowls you over. Her latest short story collection Show No Mercy is one I devoured quickly, so delicious are her dark tales.

So I brought my iPad into the tattoo shop today to share Julie's collection of mayhem with one of our long time customers and good friend, Eric. Reading is a great way to distract yourself from the discomfort of getting a tattoo worked on, although Eric said the twenty-seven needles going into his skin today "feels nice". He was also thrilled to be featured on my blog and perhaps be famous for something other than midget donkey porn on the internet. I'm not making that up either, it's something I heard.

So while reveling in the needles penetrating his flesh, Eric enjoyed Show No Mercy and shared how much he liked Julie's writing and the irony of the stories. He said the key points he learned were "to make sure not to kill your hostages". Yeah, that's something I always try to remember myself. Make sure they still have a clear airway after duct tapping their mouths, watch for that pesky chocking on vomit thing that can sometimes occur.

Eric's tattoo design is a reverse tribal that covers his entire right leg from hip to ankle that Fabien, artist extraordinaire of Malefic Tattoos designed. Today was the second session. His first session involved close to three hours of drawing the design on his skin and then an hour of quick outline to retain the stencil (shown in the picture on the right)

Eric says about Show No Mercy, "All the characters are down trodden, in one way or another, that leads to outcomes you don't see coming." That's some good British noir right there!

Show No Mercy is a brilliant collection guaranteed to make your heart pound. I particularly enjoyed reading The Birthday Present; about a guy who decides he needs a girlfriend so he calls an escort service looking for one. Bloody Little Hooligans was another one that stood out for me. I also loved The McGraw Tales in this collection. It was like a classic 1940s black and white noir movie running in my head.

Show No Mercy is available on Amazon Kindle for a mere 99 cents. It's worth much more than that, so you're getting it at a steal.

Julie has a couple of full length novels available in addition to her short story collections.
For all Julie Morrigan's books, check out her Amazon page.


  1. I, too, devoured this book. Julie's stories are addictive!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Julia, much appreciated. Not sure I still qualify as 'relatively new' mind - but since earlier stories were under a different name, it may well look like it! :)

    And Chris - thank you! Congratulations on Watch You Drown - I hope it's a huge success. :)

  3. all that and some nice art work. all in a day. good luck with that one Julia and with that one Chris.