Friday, January 27, 2012

A Tattoo and a Review, Featuring Chris Rhatigan

Say hello to Vicky. She's one of our favourite customers at Malefic Tattoos. Fabien is finishing up her amazing full colour octopus tattoo, while Vicky enjoys Chris Rhatigan's new collection of short fiction called, Watch You Drown

Vicky says that Chris's book is great. She particularly liked Gun By His Bed and Service With A Smile.

I loved Service With A Smile myself which I read when it was originally published in Yellow Mamma Magazine. Chris has penned some great descriptions, like this one: her voice like a woodchipper grinding a box of silverware. I can just feel my eye wanting to twitch at that sound.

Chris is a master at the art of suspense and his stories are chock full of it like a warm fully loaded semi-automatic. Love how he describes his book over at Paul D. Brazill's blog, You Would Say That, Wouldn't You? as "a collection of short crime fiction that will leave you lost, sad, and craving alcohol to numb the pain." Well said, Chris. After that first story, In The Hard Nowhere, broke my heart, a couple of glasses of Merlot drown mine quite nicely. Make sure you check out the interview with Chris over at Paul's place.

Vicky's tattoo was finally completed during her latest three hour sit. Overall the tattoo took about half a dozen sessions and somewhere in the vicinity of twenty hours.

Vicky said she noticed something very peculiar that's happened to her since getting her tattoo; her next door neighbour got all twitchy is no longer speaking to her. Which just goes to show that people are strange animals. I told Vicky she should start making gang signs at her neighbour to really freak her out.

I'm sure the blue haired old ladies that I tattoo might be able to teach her some. I've got an entire crew of grannies who come in regularly for some inking. Word go out about me at the seniors home. Or Vicky could just take care of her neighbour the way the sales clerk in Service With A Smile took care of his annoying customer. But you'll have to read the story to find out what that was.

After you download Watch You Drown for a mere 99 cents, make sure you visit Chris over at his blog Death By Killing.


  1. Wow, that's great work! And yes, Chris Rhatigan is a brilliant new talent, too.

  2. Thanks so much for this, Julia. And what a gorgeous and weird tattoo.

  3. That really is a phenomenal tattoo--really shows what's possible. And who doesn't love Chris' collection of fabulous stories?