Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Tattoo and a Review, Featuring Heath Lowrance

Eric was back at Malefic Tattoos again today for some more pain. That makes three times this week (see previous blog post for his full leg tribal tattoo). Today, I started a smallish pin-up in a martini glass tattoo on the inside of his thigh while he read stories from Heath Lowrance's awesome collection, Dig Ten Graves.

Eric enjoyed the twisted little story titled Incident on a Rain-Soaked Corner. Which was my personal favourite, (along with It Will All Be Carried Away). When he was finished the story, Eric said, "The bastard!" Yeah, my thoughts exactly. The character in this tale is a real sadistic son of a bitch. And the story is delicious. According to Eric it's really good.

Sadistic is not a word that should ever be used in the same sentence as tattoo artist, though. We make it hurt just as much as it needs to and not a damn bit more than that.

This is the second pin-up I've done on Eric; did a classic Al Buell, about a year ago (see picture below). Eric is one of our long time customers, we've been tattooing him for 13 years and he belongs to our sick little monkey club. He's one of the very few people who can send us a text and get an appointment--everyone else has to come in and give a deposit. So that's one perk of being a sick little monkey VIP.

I first heard Heath Lowrance reading Incident on a Rain-Soaked Corner on Sound Cloud which was amazing. Make sure you check that out. Heath has a great reading voice and could probably make a career out of reading bed time stories.

Heath is a brilliant writer and a cool guy. His book The Bastard Hand is quite an impressive debut. It has something like over twenty, five star reviews on Amazon, not bad for a white boy from Detroit. Click below to see the book trailer.

He also has an intense zombie series called, Deadland USA, and he writes some wicked crazy-ass westerns.

Eric will be back soon to continue working on the pin-up on his leg, and to read stories from some more fantastic crime writers. I'll be sure to post a finished picture of his latest tattoo.

In the meantime, you're going to dig Dig Ten Graves. It's an absorbing read, a masterful psychological suspense, with aspects reminiscent of The Twilight Zone. Be sure to visit Heath Lowrance at his blog Phyco-Noir and tell him I said, hey dude.

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