Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review, Featuring Keith Rawson

Teresa was back at Malefic Tattoos to have some more work done on her amazing Japanese sleeve by Fabien. Teresa enjoyed reading Keith Rawson's ebook short story collection, The Chaos We Know, by Snubnose Press.

Keith's collection is pretty sick, I have to say. Sick meaning good, like how bad means good, and cool means hot, err... yeah.

Teresa really liked it and says, "The stories are so raw and realistic."

One of Teresa's favourites was The Blood, The Shattered Glass and all the Rest (love that title), because she says she can relate. "It's about a cop trying to hold it together after seeing so much shit, and he has to go home to his family and pretend everything's normal."

Being a guard in a men's prison, I image Teresa certainly can relate to that story. By the way, if you ever meet Teresa on the inside, don't forget to say "yes ma'am" or she'll give you the beat down. Don't give her no sass, or she'll kick your ass.

I enjoyed that particular story as well. I also liked The Anniversary Weekend. It's about one seriously dysfunctional family, and the father's messed up idea of a punishment method for his wife and kids. Makes me feel a whole lot better about growing up in my family, like it was really not that bad after all, you know? Getting grounded or my allowance taken away wasn't so traumatic and didn't scar me for life. The story the book is named after, The Chaos We Know, is heartbreaking and one I seriously liked too.

Keith's writing is truly impressive. I love how dark and vicious these stories are, and how Keith pours such intensity into each one. They're tightly written, powerful stories, densely packed with a kind of beautiful brutality that careens across each page like Van Gogh with a straight razor.

Teresa also likes how Rawson doesn't "sugar coat" anything. "He calls it like it is," she says. "That's his strength as a writer."

During her three hour session, Teresa got the fanning filled in on the front and back of her shoulder. A lot more work to be done on this piece since it's full colour and that always takes way longer than just black and grey scale--so she'll be with us for quite some time. And hopefully reading more short stories of mayhem and noir that I like to think I may have Teresa hooked on.

Check out her review of The Lost Children: Charity Anthology.

Keith Rawson is a super cool guy. He writes for Spinetingler Magazine and Litreactor and has been an editor with Crimefactory Magazine.

He blogs over at Bloody Knuckles Callused Fingertips and sometimes he even updates it.

Be sure to get your copy of The Chaos We Know. It's killer. KILLERRRRR!


  1. I like that review format, Julia. That's some thinking outside the box and some sneaky marketing at the same time. Keith needs more writers. He needs Obama's ear like Mailer had Kennedy's. Obama would then hire the original cast of NWA (minus Eazy E) as his special cabinet.

  2. I agree with Ben, this review format is terrific. And if any book goes well with getting some ink, it's Rawson's book. Some bold, fearless stories there.