Friday, February 10, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review, Featuring Pearce Hansen

Matt was at Malefic Tattoos recently to continue with his head tattoo. Want to know the book he read while getting tattooed? Why the phenomenal Pearce Hansen's Gun Sex. Now that's a title that will stop you in your tracks and make you say, "Whoa."

Matt says the first story, Girl Crazy, was his favourite. "It's pretty sexy. I actually think I might have to go see a priest on my way home."

Matt says that Pearce Hansen is a fantastic writer and the stories kept his eyes glued to the iPad.

"Have I used the term hard hitting before?" says, Matt. "Hard hitting and direct. Like a jackhammer to the yarbles."

If I personally had yarbles, I know I'd agree. Pearce is the kind of writer that has other writers saying, "I wish I had written that."

I've read both his novels, Street Raised and Stagger Bay. Both are brilliant with the kind of suspense that keeps you up reading long after you should have turned off the lights and gone to sleep.

And it's not only suspense that Pearce is skilled at creating, it's characters. The type of complex characters that convince you they're living breathing people. For me, as a reader, this is what I love the most; well developed characters that I can connect with.

My personal favourite in the Gun Sex collection is the story, Far, Far Away, about a boy's visits with his sadistic dentist and ultimately what he learns about the man's history. The atmospheric and heartbreaking The Storm Giants was another of my favourites.

Pearce also includes the first chapter of his novel Street Raised in this collection which is, quite simply put, a phenomenal book.

By the way there's a great review of Stagger Bay over at Spinetingler Magazine by the Nerd of Noir. Check that out it's pretty cool.

Matt's head tattoo is coming along well. There's a bit more work to do on it still before it's complete.

Matt will be back another day to talk more about books and get some ink. As long as Matt has skin, we'll never be done with him.

In the meantime, check out Pearce Hansen's Gun Sex. It's a mere 99 cents on Amazon.

Update: Gun Sex is free on Amazon for the next few days!

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