Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Due to the recent scandal with Trestle Press, I have withdrawn my titles from publication with them and severed ties.

The accusations of art thief for book covers is serious and when you see the evidence the rip-offs of intellectual property becomes obvious. The story is over at DiviantART

Ironically, today I got an amazing review of The Devil's Music over at The Ginger Nuts Of Horror.

Fortunately I designed the cover art for the Devil's Music myself using a stock image from Dreamstime for which I purchased the rights to. When it comes to book covers, being a visual artist myself, I'm a complete control freak and design all my own covers.

So as it stands this title is no longer available, but at some future date it will be published by me with a new kick ass book cover that I design and have the rights to use the image. Of course. Because it doesn't take a genius to know this shit.


  1. Sucks, but I think it was the right thing to do.

  2. I made that decision too, Julia. It's saddening but I would rather pull my work than be associated with something like that. On the other hand, your work ROCKS!!!

  3. I left them as well. I had the put on the Writer's Beware list.