Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review, Featuring Paul D. Brazill

British author Paul D. Brazill has a fantastic new collection of noir short stories out called Snapshots, published by Pulp Metal Fiction.

Today, one of our favourite customers, Bill, came by Malefic Tattoos for more ink and got to read some of Paul's dark and twisted little tales of suspense. The first story in this collection, my personal favourite, is called "Seeing Blue".

Here's the opening line: "First, it all turns red. And then it goes black for a very long time. After that, everything is a searing white. Until I see Blue. Then everything hurts. Everything."

Bill read the opening line and immediately said, "I can relate. Yes, everything hurts." Well, we don't need to wonder why. It only got worse for Bill when Fabien accidentally reached for the alcohol bottle instead of the soap bottle to wipe his tattoo. Ouch! Sorry dude.

Bill says that Paul's a terrific writer with a lot of style and every story was great. I would most definitely agree with that statement. I'm a fan of Paul D. Brazill. He's got some serious grit. Ah, those British noir writers, they make me jealous they're so good. I swear they're invading North America like the 60s British rock invasion.

There is something about British noir though that I really enjoy. And Paul D. Brazill is one of their greats.

Coming next month, Paul's phenomenal Drunk On The Moon series, featuring a werewolf P.I. and a ton of contributing writers (myself included) published by Dark Valentine Press. It's a really fun series that combines werewolves and zombies with the classic noir/detective story. Who would have thought that could ever happen.

Bill still has some work to be done on his tattoo before it's complete. The nice folks up at his cottage aren't going to be please. They might have to start locking their doors at night now that the rumour about Bill's new awesomeness is out.

You know you just can't trust those tattooed people. We're liable to murder you in your sleep or eat your children if you turn your backs. Well, if you leave the little carpet demons running around unsupervised, then who can blame us. They're probably tasty in the odd cheese and onion pie or maybe with a little Pot Noodles and whiskey. Lots of whiskey that you take to bed like a teddy bear. Oh, but you'll have to read Snapshots if you want to know what the hell I'm talking about.

Check out Bill's review of Nigel Bird's short story collection. He's another one of those British noir types.

Do visit Paul D. Brazill at his popular blog, You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?

You can buy Snapshots for a mere 99 cents on Amazon or if you're from across the puddle Amazon UK


  1. Paul Brazill is probably my favorite modern Noir writer. Drunk on the Moon held me tight until the story is over. Nobody describes things with such a twist and kick like Mr. B.

  2. Julia and Bill, thanks very much for this. It's made my day!

  3. And Carrie, thanks for your far too kind words.

  4. Hi Julia,

    I love the angle you took with this, regarding getting Bill's take on a super-cool selection in Snapshots. Paul is the heartbeat of the Brit Grit scene I'm so proud to be a part of.

    Just realised our blogs aren't linked up yet. Rectifying that now! :-)


  5. I like that Brazill dude. I've had the pleasure of publishing him twice so far.