Friday, April 20, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review Featuring, Allan Leverone

One of our favourite clients, Teresa, was back today at Malefic Tattoos for some more inking on her Japanese sleeve by Fabien. Teresa enjoyed a few stories from Allan Leverone's dark collection Postcards From The Apocalypse.

Teresa said she really liked that Allan's stories are all so varied. Her favourite story in the collection is Suspicions, about a serial killer.

"It reminds me of the TV series Dexter, with that twist at the end," says Teresa.

Teresa works as a prison guard in Toronto. So of course I wanted to know if there are any serial killers housed in her prison.

But, fortunately the serial killer is a rare breed, and there are none currently incarcerated there. Interestingly, Teresa says the murderers she does have in her jail are some real sweet talkers and make the best inmates because they're doing long time.

"It's the ones in for drug charges or DUIs that act like punks," says Teresa. Makes sense to me to be polite to your prison guard, murderer or not.

On the subject of penatentuaries, it was just announced that the legendary two-hundred-year old Kingston Pen is slated to close it's doors, and so is Teresa's prison as Ontario turns Mimico jail into a superjail in Toronto at a price tag of $1.1 billion. I bet there will be a serial killer or two doing some time in there, now that all the jails are getting amalgamated.

Allan Leverone is an awesome writer (and a cool guy). I really enjoy how he's got these little forwards to each story in Postcards From The Apocalypse, that give you a little background, where he got his inspiration from, where the stories first appeared, and the awards he's won for some of them. Allan's novel The Lonely Mile is a serial killer story by the way, and it's fabulously intense.

Teresa's sleeve is coming along nicely. Today they worked on some colour and detail in the geisha on the inside of her upper arm. We told Teresa that when it's completely finished she's going to be the envy of the slammer.

You can see more of Teresa's ink in her previous reviews of The Lost Children's Charity Anthology and Keith Rawson's The Chaos We Know.

On May 1st, Allan and I will be sharing a book title with some other hot crime writers. Burning Bridges, a renegade anthology, available for your e-reader. The great thing about this collection of kick-ass stories is that it's going to be absolutely free. Yes, that's right, I said that four letter word, and I'll say it again. Free. As in complimentary. Cause that's just the kind of nice people we are. So don't forget to check that out.

Be sure to stop by Allan's website. He's also on a virtual book tour at the moment over at Partners In Crime for his latest release, Paskagankee.

Check out his Amazon Page if you'd like to learn more about his books. He's got lots!


  1. Hey, Julia, that was completely unexpected! Thanks very much for checking out POSTCARDS and for the very kind feature on your will be a pleasure sharing space with you at BURNING BRIDGES...

    1. My pleasure Allan. Yes, looking forward to Burning Bridges. All the best with your latest release and virtual book tour! :)

  2. Hi Julia...I think you must have the coolest blog around, even though I admit I don't go for tatoos...but that beauty above is like nothing I've ever seen...and I've been a collector of orientals so truly can enjoy that particular one. And, yes, Leverone is great too...Tell me more about the May 1st book...want to feature it during your spotlight month at BRH?


    1. Hey Glenda, That will be great if you can feature the anthology at your place. I'll send you and email soonish and we can discuss it. Thanks so much :)