Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review Featuring, R. Thomas Brown

On Friday, one of our favourite customers David, came by Malefic Tattoos for a six hour session. Yeap, that's right, I said six hours. David is a fiend when it comes to getting tattooed. He'd be in every day if he could.

During his tattoo David read from R. Thomas Brown's collection of dark stories, Mayhem

I think it did help to distract him, not so much from the thirteen magnum needles penetrating his skin at 120 times per second, but from how pissed his was at the guy who's suppose to be painting his bike (David does have a sweet bike too). Seems they're a bit colour blind and can't get the shade quite right.

So, as David tried to put all the frustration out of his mind, he enjoyed R Thomas Brown's story titled, The Lesson. David said the story was creepy and what made it so was that there was so much truth in it. I'd have to agree with that assessment. The Lesson is quite a creepy little story, delightfully disturbing as well. Interestingly there's another story in this collection called Hurt that seems to be almost the mirror image of The Lesson, told from the victim's point of view. It's a suspenseful tale about a woman who hunts down her assailant and takes back the power she gave away to him. Love it when that happens.

David said he'd like to teach that bike painter of his a lesson, although without the knife (that's from the story). Don't get between a boy and his bike, that's what I always say. Okay, I've never actually said that. What I've really said about boys and their bikes, those expensive custom Harleys in particular, is they need to get sold for parts because they're too expensive to keep as PAPER WEIGHTS!

David works as a manager of a gym, hence the physique. He also works as an actor and has played roles in episodes of Rookie Blue, Covert Affairs, and Breakout Kings. He's also done commercials for LePage Glue and apparently he's the national LePage caulk holder (spelled caulk). His wife said he was a really good caulk holder too. We told David, though, that if he keeps getting tattooed he's only going to get the bad guy roles from now on like the heavily tattooed actor Robert LaSardo.

The sleeve tattoo was completed about a year or so ago, and today he continued with the work on the piece that covers his ribcage from the front of his stomach around to the middle of the back. It depicts an intense demonic battle scene. Next time he comes in, we'll get some pictures and hopefully have him read and comment on some more sick little stories.

R. Thomas Brown has a number of books and story collections available. His latest book, Hill Country, published by Snubnose Press, was just released in February and is getting some amazing reviews. It's available in kindle edition as well as paperback. Love that cover, gives me a bit of vertigo when I look at it. Check out his Amazon Page to learn more.

R. Thomas Brown is also the flash fiction editor for Spinetingler Magazine. Be sure to stop by his blog, Criminal Thoughts.


  1. Tattoo fiend is right! Giving a pissed guy a R Thomas Brown book is like giving him an ideas manual. Glad I'm not the motorbike artist.