Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Truth About Scarlet Rose Killer Blog Tour Schedule

April 16th: Cafe of Dreams - book review
April 18th: Life In Review - book review
April 19th: Daz's Place - interview
April 23: Psycho Noir - interview
April 26: Crime Fiction Lover - book feature
April 27th: Jersey Girl Book Reviews - book review and guest post
April 30th/May1st: Musings of an All-purpose Monkey - book review and guest post
May 1st: Chin Wag At The Slaughterhouse - interview
May 4nd: Limerence Magazine - book review
May 7th: Lynnette's Book World - book review
May 10th: The Eclectic Reader - book review and book giveaway
May 11th: Indie Author News - book feature and interview
May 12th: Booksie's Blog - book review
May 14th: The Road To Here - book review
May 14th: Let’s Book It - book review
May 15th: Book Junkie - book review
May 16th: Book Reader's Heaven - book review and guest post
May 21st/May 22nd: Colloquium - book review and guest post
May 28th: My Life In Stories - book review, guest post, and ebook giveaway
Unscheduled Apperences: Ginger Nuts of Horror - book review
I Meant To Read That - book review
Dead End Follies - book review


  1. Cool video. Very nicely put together

  2. Thanks Rob, my husband and I put it together. Took a long time but it was lots of fun.

  3. Feel free to swing by Death by Killing in there too.

    1. Awesome. Thanks Chris, I'll shoot you an email.

  4. Looking forward to review your book this spring. Priorizing the review requests so it got quite a bump in the TBR.

    1. Sweeet! Thanks Ben. Really hope you enjoy it :)