Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review, Featuring Drunk On The Moon

Werewolves are always getting a bad rap. In movies and in stories the werewolf is typically portrayed as a vicious creature to be feared and loathed. But according to Eric, who came into Malefic Tattoos today to continue the work on his reverse tribal full leg piece, werewolves are just misunderstood.

"As long as they only kill the bad guy, it's fine," says Eric as he paused from reading Paul D. Brazill's Drunk On The Moon, werewolf PI anthology.

Eric said he liked how Drunk On The Moon has an interesting twist on the stereotypical werewolf.

Indeed it does. The werewolf in Drunk On The Moon is Roman Dalton, a hard drinking, dark and brooding Private Investigator who, when the moon is full, changes into a werewolf. That's when things get really interesting as he does battle with zombies and other unsavoury monsters. What? Yes, you read that right, that's what I said. Zombies. Nasty things they are, the undead.

There is no cure for the lycanthropy surging inside the pages of this book. There is no amount of wolfbane potent enough, no exorcism strong enough, no silver bullets pure enough to stop this shape shifting, whiskey loving Canis Lupus creature of the night. And that's a good thing, because it's a damn good collection of noir-meets-horror stories written by some fine writers.

Some of my favourite stories in this collection are Katherine Tomlinson's "A Fire in the Blood" where Roman goes to see a necromancer after having nightmares and learns that a particularly nasty Persian fire demon is after him. "Blood and Alcohol" by horror writer Frank Duffy is another that stands out for me. It's no secret I'm a big fan of Duffy. His novella Mountains of Smoke is simply brilliant. I also enjoyed Richard Godwin's "Getting High on Daisy". Godwin has this interesting dark and provocative style that boarders on erotica.

Jason Michel's "Back to Nature" story is also pretty cool. As are all the others by such excellent authors Allan Leverone, K.A Laity, B.R. Stateham, John Donald Carlucci, Paul D. Brazill, and myself.

While Eric might not have lycan in his blood, he's certainly got ink. Ink transforming him from just another average white guy into a fascinating human canvas. I don't think he's ever howled at the moon after one too man whiskeys down at Duffy's bar as Roman has, but Eric did mention something to me about moon dust (whatever that is) so I think he might have more in common with our werewolf PI than he's letting on. Eric isn't afraid of any big bad wolf either because... well, I think he is one.

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Drunk On The Moon, get it on Amazon and Amazon UK. Available in ebook and hard copy.

Paul D. Brazill blogs over at, You Would Say That Wouldn't You?


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  2. Duffy tells me there's a bottle of Dark Valentine waiting at the bar for Eric, next time he's in The City.

    1. Ha, that's perfect. I'll let him know :)

  3. Julia is a great writer and a fine tattooist.

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