Friday, September 7, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review Featuring, Action - Pulse Pounding Tales by Matt Hilton

Today I'm at Malefic Tattoos getting inked by not only Fabien, by my daughter Sam (the kid as I affectionately refer to her), tattoo apprentice extraordinaire.

I've got Matt Hilton's Action - Pulse pounding Tales Vol 1 rocking my iPad to cope with the pain. The only thing distracting me is reading about other people's pain in this collection of deadly short crime stories about bad people doing bad things, usually to other bad people.

Did I say pain? Yes, in spite of the pharmaceuticals in my veins there is pain. The elbow and the inside of the elbow are particularly nasty places on the human body.

Look at my face in this picture. I'm being tortured. Okay, I'm lying it's not really that bad.
You can tell I'm faking and I take the drugs cause I like the buzz.

Matt Hilton put together this really cool collection of short stories in Action - Pulse Pounding Tales Vol.1 , inviting a number of other talented crime writers to contribute. The result is an impressive collection of down and dirty stories that cut a violent, blood-soaked swathe across the page. Stories that are intense and brutal and superbly written.

I particularly enjoyed Terrence P. McCauley's "Blood Moon of 1931". Gangsters in the prohibition era running around with tommy guns. Love it. The completely hypnotic and elegantly written, "Avenged: Sixfold" by Natasha Marie Thomas, the story of a serial killer cop, was another favourite of mine. I was pleased to see Paul D. Brazill's story in the mix. Always get a thrill reading some Brazill. As I was to see Irish writer K.A. Laity with her brilliant story "Chickens".

Sam and Fabien are both working me over at the same time in this shot. The savages! What a strange feeling that is. Kind of like lying on a nest of fire ants. Or disturbing a hive of killer bees--serial killer bees--with not only stingers but miniature machetes in their little insect legs. Kind of like that.
No little kitten scratches from these two, makes me wonder what I said to upset them. No wonder I resist getting tattooed. Fabien started this design more than a year ago. But now the two of them have decided that I would be the perfect canvass to collaborate on while Fabien instructs Sam on the fine art of tattooing. So I'm forced to get this piece finished.

By the way, Sam is taking appointments if you'd like to get inked. She's been tattooing for a couple of months now, getting better and better. Check out my previous post, My Daughter The Tattoo Artist and you can see the tattoo she inked on herself. Also A Tattoo And A Review With My Daughter Sam, where she reviews one of my stories.

Matt Hilton has a series of action books featuring Joe Hunter. According to Matt's website,"He's not a cop. He's not a bounty hunter. He's not a private detective."So who is he? I have no idea. You'll have to read the books. Judging from his story "Satisfaction Guaranteed" in this collection, they're guaranteed to be damn fine and worth the read. Visit Matt Hilton's website and you can find out all about it.

In the meantime, pick up Action - Pulse Pounding Tales Vol. 1 on Amazon and Amazon UK. Or else. Or else I'm going to unleash the fire ants and machete wielding serial killer bees on your ass.


  1. Makes me even more eager for new ink! Lovely work. And thanks for the kind words (although, despite hiding out in Ireland, I'm not actually Irish, but I don't mind being thought of as such :-). Thanks for the kind word.

  2. Brilliant telling of your trip to the tattoo parlor. I enjoyed it almost as much as your cool review of APPT ;-) Thank you, Julia.