Friday, July 13, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review Featuring Pulp Ink 2

Meet Daniel. He stopped in Malefic Tattoos for a six hour session the other day on his full colour phoenix sleeve. So I put my iPad in his hands and had him take a look at Pulp Ink 2, just released last week by Snubnose Press.

Daniel doesn't read much noir or crime fiction. He reads biographies and he reads whatever his mom gives him, he says. Well, I did my best to lure him away from Mama's recommendations over to the dark side of fiction with these gritty stories of murder and mayhem. Sorry Mama (not really).

Daniel enjoyed "Kingdom Come" by Kevin Brown, said it was well written and entertaining. He also liked "Kidnapped" by Mike Miner, one of my personal favourites in this collection. I loved this story in fact. It's delightfully heartbreaking.

Another of my favourites is "My Life With The Butcher Girl" by Heath Lowrance. Check out this opening paragraph, love this:

"I want to tell you about her eyes, but I lack the poetry of spirit. They were green, but not just green. They were the green of a wild animal, or an innocent alien visitor from another planet. They were wild and hungry, and a sort of sweet, glorious death lingered in them."

This story and Mike Miner's "Kidnapped", have similar heartbreaking themes of men being destroyed through their love for damaged women. Oh those damaged women, they really know how to take a guy down. Let this be a lesson, guys should stay far far away from them.

I particularly enjoyed Court Merrigan's "Glinty-Eyed Robert". It was my first time reading his work and I was completely captivated by his style and descriptive prose. Simply brilliant.

Daniel works as a firefighter, one of those hot guys women lust after. Although he says he hasn't done any of the bare chested and oiled-up caledars. Too bad. According to Daniel most firefighters don't look like that anyway. Oh say it isn't so, you dream crusher!

As I was thinking of the fact that Daniel is a firefighter, I said, "I wonder if there's any stories in here with a fire." And as I thought about it for a moment, I realized that my story, "How We Come Undone", in fact has a fire in it. Why son of a gun! I swear that was a complete coincidence, although it sounds contrived. Daniel had to read it after I told him and Fabien that the fire was an actual event (although not the horror that followed in my story, or I'd be writing this from a 6x8 steel and concrete cage).

When I was a teenager my friend and I accidentally set someone's sofa on fire. We were in the shower, although not together. Just prior to this my friend had dropped the ember from a cigarette on the sofa and it rolled down the back of the cushion. I tried to explain to Daniel and Fabien how it could be that we were both in the bathroom but only one of us was in the shower, but the guys wanted to go with the idea of us in the shower together. So I indulged their perverted little brains and went with their fictitious version of events, that my girlfriend and I were in the shower together, soaping each other up. And I thought perhaps I should write erotica. Except my book titles would have to be something like "Fifty Shades of Death In the Shower with a Ball Peen Hammer" Cause that's how my brain works. Sex is good sure, but follow it up with a good killing and I'm in.

Getting back to Pulp Ink 2, this slick killer anthology is available in kindle version or hardcopy. Check out the first Pulp Ink as well. I've got a review of it here.

I failed to get a good shot of Daniel's phoenix tattoo at the end of their session cause, well, I had oiled-up firefighters on the brain (in the shower together) which clearly shut down all rational thought. So next time he's in, I'll get some pics. Of his tattoo that is. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Go get Pulp Ink 2!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Review - Richard Godwin's Mr. Glamour

Richard Godwin is another of those talented British crime writers I've come to love. His style is unique--bold and gritty and entirely compelling. His second novel, Mr. Glamour (Black Jackal Books), is a dark and disturbing murder mystery with just the right amount of terror and suspense to keep you up late at night.

The police are on the trail of a cunning serial killer hunting London’s rich and famous, leaving a blood bath in his wake. A psychologically broken serial killer (aren’t they all?) and yet the investigators tracking him might be just as sick as he is, as the line between good and evil blurs. Godwin excavates the darkness that lives where you least expect it to.

Visually descriptive with well-rendered characters, each damaged in their own way, Mr. Glamour is a frightening and violent novel that’s hard to forget. I love how Godwin mixes an erotica flavour in his writing, almost lulling you into this salacious voyeuristic place and then in the next moment someone gets murdered. Truly Chilling. Highly recommended.

Get it on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Visit Richard Godwin at his website