Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Tattoo And A Review Featuring Noir Nation 2

Sam, our apprentice at Malefic Tattoos (also my daughter) recently got her Chris Cornell portrait worked on by Fabien. While getting tattooed, Sam enjoyed some stories from Noir Nation: International Journal of Crime Fiction 2 on the iPad, which incidentally is Noir Nation's tattoo issue. It contains not only some great crime fiction but an interesting essay by Tom Vater on the history of tattooing in Thailand, as well as some photos of tattoos.

One of Sam's favourite stories was Thomas Pluck's "Tiger Mother". She really liked the ass-kicking mama in the story. Speaking of ass-kicking mama's, I just happen to have a story in this collection myself called "Mama's boy". The mother in that story who lives only in the memory of it's main character was one serious ass-kicker. But not in the good sense.

Paul Calderon's intense and compelling story "Primitive Grace" was a fav of mine in this collection. Liked too that it took place in Toronto. The main character gets herself in a whole heap of trouble trying to unload some hot goods in china town.

Still a ways to go on this tattoo before it's complete but already looking pretty amazing. Fabien specializes in portrait tattoos so if you're looking for an artist skilled in this area check out his work at Malefic Tattoos.

In the mean time pick up Noir Nation 2 on Amazon. It's a pretty cool fusion of noir short stories and tattooing. Just get it because it's awesome.

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