Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Tattoo And A Review, Featuring: Shotgun Honey's Both Barrels

My daughter Sam (affectionately referred to as the kid), came down to California for a visit last week and booked herself an appointment to get her head tattooed. Yeap, that's right, that's what I said...her head. Tattooed.

Gemma, tattoo artist extraordinaire from Full Circle Tattoos in San Diego, created the killer design for her cranial modification and spent the next hour and half inking it on the side of her skull.

While chilling in the chair, Sam enjoyed distracting herself with some kick ass crime stories from Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels Vo.1

Sam said she liked Dan O'She's story titled "Father's Day" with the twisted ending. Her favourite was Patti Abbott's, "How To Launder A Shirt". I'd have to agree that was one great story. I also liked Glenn Gray's "Intubation", totally loved that transvestite character with the shot gun who can't walk by a mirror without posing. I won't mention what exploded in the basement. You'll have to read the story yourself. "The Blonde Chimera" by Cameron Ashley is another brilliant and really well written story that I particularly enjoyed.

Shotgun Honey's Both Barrels is an awesome anthology featuring a collection of crime writers who know how to tell stories so well it will make you forget even needles being poked into the side of your head. If that's not talent I don't know what is.

Speaking of talent, I have to tell you that Full Circle Tattoos has some of the best artists in all of San Diego. As an artist myself, that's an educated opinion I'm offering. There are dozens of shops all over San Diego and I can think of only three shops, including Full Circle, that have artists I would ever consider getting tattooed by.

Gemma did manage to tattoo the same small flower design from Sam's tattoo on my wrist. It was after much persuasion by the kid. Tattoos hurt, and well...I'm a baby. Since I backed out on our last mother-daughter tattoo, I had no excuse this time.

As a mother, at first I was not thrilled by the fact that my little girl wanted to get a tattoo on the side of her head (although she is turning twenty next week and can make her own decisions), but the design is so sweet and really suits her with that wicked-awesome hair do. Not everyone can pull off this look. I think Sam does it with a lot of style.

It pleases me enormously to see the way people react to her head tattoo. Total strangers come up to her with huge smiles, eyes all lit up in amazement at what they're seeing. Not only do they ask questions, she gets full on interviews like a celebrity, and people asking to take her picture.

Reactions from everyone have been really positive, and as a mother of course, that's what you want for your baby. 

There are those few people who just stare, completely stone-faced like she just stepped off some magnificent space ship where all the females on Sam's planet are exotic, tall beauties with My Little Pony hair cuts and stunning tattoos, like the most rare and beautiful flowers. The sight seems to leave them both speechless and breathless, and completely mesmerized, unable to look away. That's just the kind of effect you have on people sometimes when you're this damn special.

If you're a fan of crime fiction don't forget to check out Shotgun Honey's Both Barrels. If you're in the San Diego area and in need of a good tattooer, go see Gemma at Full Circle Tattoos.

And then...we went to Disneyland!