Thursday, September 26, 2013

So I Broke Up With My TV . . .

It was time. We'd been off and on again for months. Things weren't getting any better. It was the same old crap every morning and every night. I was getting tired of it. It was all such a big time suck anyway. Time that I needed to spend writing. So I did it. I broke up with my TV, kicked it to the curb, parked its ass on the pavement. Adios amigo, so long, it's been a slice, but we're through. 

When I came back from San Diego in June and moved into my condo I decided a television was not going to be a part of my decor. I have a small one bedroom and a TV would just take up way too much of my precious space. Turns out it was a great decision, like I knew it would be. I don't miss having a television. I don't need it. I don't think about it. And I don't want it back.

Even prior to deciding not to have a TV anymore I found that I wasn't watching it all that much. I'd stopped watching the news with my morning coffee. It was just a daily diet of all the drama going on in the world, messing with my zen. If something really important is happening, I'll eventually hear about it whether I want to or not. So whenever I did put the TV on it was tuned to a wildlife program (if I could find one) and I'd have it on mute while I sat in front of it on my laptop pounding away on my manuscript. Other than costing me money, it was serving no real purpose.

I listen to a lot more music now that I don't have a TV intruding on my life. I subscribed to The Vault, Canada's version of Spotify. Although, interestingly I don't listen to music anymore while I write. I find even the most unobtrusive type of music distracting. I need to be unplugged from everything it seems, except the sounds of the city outside my balcony. So the music is for when I'm not writing. It's weird. I know.

I do love to indulge in hanging out in the bathtub, drinking copious amounts of wine, eating chocolate whilst watching an old Hitchcock movie. But I don't need a TV for that. My laptop can handle it. And I don't have to suffer through those idiot Charmin toilet paper commercials with those stupid cartoon bears and their little pieces that get left behind. Like that's not a play on does a bear shit in the woods? Please. It's also bad taste. And do we really need commercials to tell us to buy toilet paper? Or anything else?

There's a TV in the gym in my building. I keep that one off too when I'm working out. Yeah, me and TV are so over each other. If I could take it to court and sue it for alimony, I would do that too.


  1. I loved this, Julia! It surely is a "vast wasteland." I'm down to watching a couple of sports teams and a few movies and that's it. Although, for some reason, my wife brought in a TV to the bathroom for me one day when I was in the tub and put it on a table that's really wobbly. Silly girl! I had to remind her that it might fall over into the tub and she hadn't thought of that... I guess... She's usually so thoughtful--each night just before I doze off, she leans over and whispers, "Go toward the light." She's my princess...

    1. Ha! That's great Les. You're wife is obviously very thoughtful. Bless her darling little heart. You're a lucky man :-)