Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Tattoo And A Review Featuring, Shotgun Honey Reloaded

The fine folks at Shotgun Honey have done it again. They  just put out another awesome collection of crime stories with Shotgun Honey Reloaded Both Barrels Vol 2. It's a collection of twenty-five kick ass short stories from some amazing crime writers, and that's no bull. I'll tell you what is bull though, the tattoo being done while Shotgun Honey was used as a means of distraction from the pain. Pain? Yes, pain because tattoos hurt goddammit, as they should. 

Shane Driver, a writer of short stories himself, came into Malefic Tattoos recently for his first tattoo, by Fabien (probably not his last because he's got lots more skin and we have no shortage of ideas).

Shane got a bull inked on his shoulder. He said it didn't hurt. After suffering chronic headaches for the past four years, the result of a broken jaw (I didn't ask), Shane said he actually felt better after getting tattooed. So there's another advantage to getting yourself some ink, it can reduce other pain.

The stories Shane liked best in Shotgun Honey Reloaded were "The Howl At The Park" by Hector Acosta. Shane described it as an intense dark story with a surprising end. He also enjoyed "All Alone" by Erik Arneson.

Shane said Patti Abbott's "White Funeral" had a great hook.

"She did a good job at capturing the dependent and somewhat odd relationship between Kay and her mother," Shane said about Patti's story.

"The Trouble With Sylvia" by Cheri Ause had great suspense and a distinctive voice, Shane said. He also liked the subtule  humour running through the story. That story just happens to be one of my favourites too.

Be sure to get yourself a copy of Shotgun Honey Reloaded . It's an impressive collection.

 And now for the bull...

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